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Corporate Profile

From early beginnings of a learner, apprentice & disciple to a team of experience members whom believes in tomorrow, believes in possibilities and definitely believes in the future.

- Chemical Injection Skids
- High Pressure High Temperatrue (HPHT) Injection Systems
- Emergency Fire Pump Skids
- Hot Water Skids
- High Integrity Pressure Protection Skids (HIPPS)
- Deck Machinery
- Subsea HPU / Safe + EX HPU
- Well Head Control Panels Pneumatic / Hydraulic
- Valve Control Systems Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Electric
- Tank Management Systems
- Anti Heeling System
- Loading Computer Systems
- Vessel Management Systems / Alarm Monitoring Systems
- Fire and Gas Detection Systems
- Switchboards MV / LV
- Nakamura Accumulators - Japan
- Klopper Therm Germany
- Azzalin Industrial Valves - Italy
- Distributor Load Computer - Marine Alignment Denmark
- Den Holder - The Netherlands
- DM Alscott Marine Offshore HVAC - Canada
- Dan Marine Galley Equipment
- Chibro Press Fittings & Pipes - Italy
- Partner Deck Machinery & System - PT Global France

The MOWE management team & members are former Norr management, managers and members whom believe in the commitment it is making, the decision it is taking and the responsibilities that lies ahead.  

The team, whom gathered many of experience and fundamentals, sets its management office / HQ in Singapore and factory in Malaysia. Having being understood oil and gas well, the principal of "near market near customer" stays firmly rooted till today.  

Today, its loyal partners includes RL Offshore, Kami Offshore and many important customers like THHE, MMHE, FPSO Ventures, SBM and many more, believes in the capability of the management, the strength, commitment and vigour.  

Newly established partners include LK Valves - A 100 year old company specializes in Marine / Oil and Gas valves and IPT Power - with 20 odd years of experience in switchboard ranging from LV to MV gathers to join this partnership as MOWE has strong fundamentals, fair to partners and most important, integrity in times of difficulty.  

Only manpower resource of a company, can set apart a company from the rest. Only committed staff can set company apart one from another.