. Chemical Injection Skids
. High Pressure High Temperatrue (HPHT) Injection Systems
. Emergency Fire Pump Skids
. Hot Water Skids
. High Integrity Pressure Protection Skids (HIPPS)
. Deck Machinery
. Subsea HPU / Safe + EX HPU
. Well Head Control Panels Pneumatic / Hydraulic
. Valve Control Systems Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Electric
. Tank Management Systems
. Anti Heeling System
. Loading Computer Systems
. Vessel Management Systems / Alarm Monitoring Systems
. Fire and Gas Detection Systems
. Switchboards MV / LV
. Klopper Therm & Elmess Thermo System - Germany
. Dennis Nakakita Control Valve & Actuators - Spain
. Nakamura Accumulators - Japan
. OMV-INDOIL Industrial Valves - Europe
. SWTS Genset Turbines Drives Motor - a PON's Group
. Pepperl+Fuchs Industrial Sensors Isolated Barriers - Germany
. Den Holder - The Netherlands
Products & Services

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Mowe is one of Asia's most respected manufacturers & solution integrators/software (PLC) programmers/packagers. We are delivering our products and services to Oil and Gas, Marine and Power industries. Mowe Group is headquarter in Singapore and has been in Marine and Offshore business for the past 22 years.

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  Klopper Therm & Elmess Thermo System - Germany  

91 years of Klopper heating....

Klopper Therm & ELMESS Thermo System Technik Germany, The Specialists for Electrical Heating Systems.


Klopper ELMESS company pix

Since the foundation in 1928 the company Klöpper is an engineering consultancy for electrical materials in Dortmund. We construct our own switchgear, as well as manufacturing of heat-engineering system, pipe heat tracing systems, heat exchangers and instruments.

In 1980, Elmess takeover by Klöpper company group and form a strong company group combining traditional and innovative technologies to our products and services.


Klopper Therm : Summary of Capabilities

- Steam Super Heaters ie Power Plants

- Process Controlled Heaters for all kinds of plants

- Thyristor Control Systems

- Braking Resistors

- Heat Tracing, Valve / Equipment Heating

- Standard Boilers

- Packages ie Hot water package with local partner Mowe Marine & Offshore

KLopper Products

Products of Klopper Therm:

1.   Steam Super Heaters

2.   Process Heater

3.   Hot Water Boilers – Type MB, Type SB

4.   Electric Hot Water Boilers (Electrode -Type)

5.   Electric Steam Boiler (Electrode -Type)

6.   Braking Resistors

7.   Thyristor Control systems

8.   Heat Tracing – Heating Cable , Heating Tapes

9.   Heating Circuit Controller – UNIPLEX III , UNIWIN

10. Special Heating

      - Reactor Heating

      - Heating Hoses

      - Heating for Tank Trucks and Containers

      - Heating Plates for Valves and Rotary Valves

      - Internal Pipe Heating Systems

      - Foundation Heating

11. Surface Heating – Heating Mat , Heating Systems & Control

Special Heating Klopper Therm

Illustrates Heat Tracing System


Elmess Thermo System Technik : Summary of Capabilities 

- Electric Heaters for industrial Applications

- Explosion Protected Design (ATEX approved) or High Quality Industrial Design

- Heating up of Gases, Liquids, Compact Bodies

- Temperature and Level Monitoring Equipment

- Control Panels

ELMESS Products

Products of Elmess:

1.   Ex Heaters

2.   Ex Immersion Heaters (Air and Gas Heater, Type DHG)

3.   Ex Cartridge Heaters

4.   Ex Special Heaters

5.   Ex Flow Heaters

6.   Block Type Gas Heaters

7.   Vaporizers, Gas Heaters

8.   Air Blower Heaters

9.   Room Heaters, Frost Protection, Anti-Condensation Heaters, Dust Ex Room Heaters

10. Thermostat

11. Level Switches

12. Monitoring Devices

      - Temperature Monitoring Equipment, Temperature Controllers, Thyristor Units

13. ATEX Thermal Cut-Out

14. Control Panels

Air Blower Heaters and Block Type Gas Heaters1 ELMESS Thermo

Illustrates Air Blower Heaters and Block-Type Gas Heaters


Applications of Electric Heating Systems:

• Petrochemical and Chemical Industries

• Oil and Gas Industries

• Power Stations and Refineries

• Natural Oil and Gas Recovery and Distribution

• Machinery and Plant Construction

• Industrial Gases Applications

• Electrical Motors Manufacturers

• Pharmaceutical Industries

• Paint Industries

• Laboratory and Analysis Technologies

• Plastics and Textile Industries

• Packaging and Food processing Technologies

• Ventilation and Air Conditioning Industries

• Foundrie Technologies

• Energy and Environmental Technologies


 Klopper Elmess references