. Chemical Injection Skids
. High Pressure High Temperatrue (HPHT) Injection Systems
. Emergency Fire Pump Skids
. Hot Water Skids
. High Integrity Pressure Protection Skids (HIPPS)
. Deck Machinery
. Subsea HPU / Safe + EX HPU
. Well Head Control Panels Pneumatic / Hydraulic
. Valve Control Systems Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Electric
. Tank Management Systems
. Anti Heeling System
. Loading Computer Systems
. Vessel Management Systems / Alarm Monitoring Systems
. Fire and Gas Detection Systems
. Switchboards MV / LV
. Klopper Therm & Elmess Thermo System - Germany
. Dennis Nakakita Control Valve & Actuators - Spain
. Nakamura Accumulators - Japan
. OMV-INDOIL Industrial Valves - Europe
. SWTS Genset Turbines Drives Motor - a PON's Group
. Pepperl+Fuchs Industrial Sensors Isolated Barriers - Germany
. Den Holder - The Netherlands
Products & Services
  Offshore Skids  

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  Subsea HPU / Safe + EX HPU  
Subsea HPU / Safe + EX HPU

Hydraulic Power Units has been around for the last 50 years and today still is a primary key component in Marine, Offshore and Subsea operations.

The main driving components of hydraulic systems. Consistently mainly of a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump, these units can generate a tremendous amount of power to drive most any kind of hydraulic operations. Hydraulic Power Units are based on Pascal's law of physics, drawing their power from ratios of area and pressure. The best part of hydraulics is that Hydraulic Fluid is not compressible making the system predicable. Hydraulic Power Units are used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automation
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Oil Field
  • Oil Spill Clean Up Equipment
  • Marine Equipment

Hydraulic Power Units can generally be used in any application that requires heavy and systematic lifting or other requirements for the repeated use of powerful and directional force.

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You see Hydraulics in every application in Marine, Offshore, Oil and Gas

  • Valve Control Systems
  • Deck Machinery and Winches
  • Modular hydraulic skids on power or engines
  • Wellhead control panels
  • Chemical Injection skid piston pumps
  • Accumulator packages
  • Cylinder push and pull packages for bridges, doors etc
  • Many many others.

It's easy to overlook the widespread and impressive utility of hydraulic power units, but listing all of their applications it becomes clear that we rely on them for so much of what makes our society run smoothly and efficiently.

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Features and benefits

  • High-pressure or low pressure hydraulic systems
  • Electrical controlled systems
  • Packaged with Motor or Engines for Safe or Hazardous Areas.
  • Skid, Modular, compact and easy to install
  • Interface with ICSS or plain local operations.
  • Wide range of components, Valves and options making design options very versatile.
  • Skid or Modular, Framed or supplied loose

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  • Remote Control
  • Stainless steel brake drums

Image of Engine EX for Zone 2 that is designed to be mounted with HPU Skid, pumps and accessories

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