. Chemical Injection Skids
. High Pressure High Temperatrue (HPHT) Injection Systems
. Emergency Fire Pump Skids
. Hot Water Skids
. High Integrity Pressure Protection Skids (HIPPS)
. Deck Machinery
. Subsea HPU / Safe + EX HPU
. Well Head Control Panels Pneumatic / Hydraulic
. Valve Control Systems Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Electric
. Tank Management Systems
. Anti Heeling System
. Loading Computer Systems
. Vessel Management Systems / Alarm Monitoring Systems
. Fire and Gas Detection Systems
. Switchboards MV / LV
. Klopper Therm & Elmess Thermo System - Germany
. Dennis Nakakita Control Valve & Actuators - Spain
. Nakamura Accumulators - Japan
. OMV-INDOIL Industrial Valves - Europe
. SWTS Genset Turbines Drives Motor - a PON's Group
. Pepperl+Fuchs Industrial Sensors Isolated Barriers - Germany
. Den Holder - The Netherlands
Products & Services
  Offshore Skids  

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Mowe is one of Asia's most respected manufacturers & solution integrators/software (PLC) programmers/packagers. We are delivering replica horloges our products and services to Oil and Gas, Marine and Power industries. Mowe Group is headquarter in Singapore and has been in Marine and Offshore business for the past 22 years.

  Emergency Fire Pump Skids  
  Emergency Fire Pump Skids  

Firewater Pump Systems 

Mowe Offshore Division focuses on high quality designs meeting and exceeding offshore requirements, producing packages caring for environment and water.

It has always been a focus by Mowe to produce systems and packages towards meeting human needs and environment safety.

Focusing on Offshore & water systems, the divi- sion has grown from pace to become a reliable and trustworthy partner in marine, offshore & water systems. Water a demand for all humans and a require- ment for safety on offshore systems, is a an im- portant factor to focus upon.

Years of experience has allowed us to understand operations of FPSOs, FSOs and Offshore structures better and keep us always in the fore front.

  Various Fire Pump Systems  

MOWE developed several pump systems and solution packages to FPSOs & FSOs requirements as well as client needs. We also developed remote interfaces & Field Systems inter- locking with Cause and Effects to make complete system versatile and comprehensive.